X-tend: Natural Food Protection

X-tend: Natural Food Protection


X-tend: Natural Food Protection

The healthy Way to Prolong and Preserve

Arjuna offers a complete solution to food companies who seek “green” or “clean” labels. The label “No artificial preservatives” has practically become an icon in natural foods. But it doesn’t mean reduced shelf life is acceptable. X-tend, Arjuna’s new range of natural preservatives helps in maintaining food in its freshest and natural form for longer period without the need to use any harmful synthetic chemicals. Our all natural formulations ensure a clean label and complete peace of mind.

When people speak about natural food protection the most dominating aspect is antioxidants. But oxidative stability is just one part of the puzzle. People often rely on synthetic chemicals to tackle the microbial contamination. Arjuna with its X-Tend range has developed a complete solution for food protection which encompasses both oxidative stability and anti-microbial activity. This multifaceted approach ensures that food products using X-Tend are safer with extended shelf life.


Our Focus Segments are

Natural Food Protection for baked products like Bread, Pav, Bun.

Natural Food Protection of Cakes- Fruit cakes, Marble Cakes, Sponge cakes, Tea cakes and Butter cream Icings.

Natural Food Protection / Stabilizer for Paprika Oleoresin.

Natural Food Protection for Frying Oil.

Natural Food Protection for Mayonnaise.

Natural Food Protection for Processed & Raw Meat Products.

Natural Food Protection for Fruit Juices and Beverages

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