Market Application, 17 Mar 2021
Published on : 17 March 2021

BCM-95® & Bospure® help create America’s best-selling joint pain relief formula

Creating  America’s best selling joint pain relief formula

Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, EuroPharma specializes in bringing unique botanical blends and proprietary, custom formulations to the American consumer. With a presence across countries and known widely across the United states, EuroPharma , maker of Terry Naturally Brand of products has been known to be a very selective and premium formulator , insisting that its formulations are the best and relying on only trusted and clinically proven ingredients that live up to the EuroPharma name.

It was in 2007 that EuroPharma felt the need to launch a highly effective product under its Terry Naturally label for the North American market. Chronic pain affects millions of people in the United States every year. About 15 million people — report experiencing severe joint pain and another 50 million people suffer from other various forms of pain. Additionally, nearly half of these adults have persistent pain and cause a significant deterioration of quality of life to those affected by it. Formulations available in the market had dubious or inconsistent performance and the market was keen to have a known trusted brand like Terry Naturally launch a product . For EuroPharma, the high expectations added to the challenge as the new formulation had to pass the stringest expectations that any product of EuroPharma has to pass through as well as meet the heightened expectations to live up to the Terry Naturally Brand.

EuroPharma began their independent search for key ingredients and reviewed all available products in the market. They found that BCM-95® stood out in delivering what it had promised and was selected to be the best of all available Turmeric Extracts. “BCM-95® , represented for us an ethical brand with a simple honest message – A brand that delivers as it promised. Something we immediately could identify with Terry Naturally. Moreover, BCM-95® was the only bioavailable turmeric which had the most extensive set of safety studies completed.“ said Mr. Terry Lemerond , recalling those initial years of development. This prompted the attention to AKBAMAX®(Bospure®) , the clinically proven Boswellia Serrata Extract of Arjuna Natural and these two were to become the legendary combination of CURAMIN® , the award winning joint pain support product.

During this rigorous screening process, Arjuna Natural worked closely with EuroPharma to ensure that the product met and exceeded expectations . Apart from being able to provide uptodate documentation and evidence, Arjuna supported EuroPharma with ingredient customisations thus easing the development process. . Arjuna Natural was also with EuroPharma , post launch, keeping up with deliveries as product sales grew exponentially ensuring that supply lines were never kept dry. Together , this partnership resulted in the USA’s leading Joint support product having sold millions of bottles, because it works.

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