Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract


Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

The leaves of Gymnema sylvestre (family: Asclepiadaceae) is used in making of the extract Gymnemagenin, the main sapogenin in the leaves, yields gymnemic acids which is a chemically complex mixture of saponins and gurmarin, a polypeptide of 35 amino acids


Gymnemic acids are anti-sweet principles that shows inhibitory effect on plasma glucose. The extract of dried leaves, given to diabetic rats, was found to bring about blood glucose homoeostasis by increasing serum insulin levels. The leaf extract when orally administered to experimentally induced hyperlipidaemic rats reduced the elevated serum triglyceride and total cholesterol in a dose-dependent manner

A blood sugar lowering effect in both normal and diabetic subjects has also been reported with the use of Gymnema sylvestre extract.


Standardized to 24% Gymnemic acid



Diabetic condition



400 – 600 mg daily.



This plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, eye diseases, snake bite and mycosis of toes. Currently in Japan Gymnema is widely used as health food in tea bags, tablets, beverages and confectioneries. Gymnema suppresses the sweet taste of sugar and inhibit glucose absorption. There are reports that gymnema leaf extracts reduce hyperglycemia in diabetic, rats, rabbits and humans and this glucose lowering effect may be mediated by increase in insulin secretion by direct action on the pancreatic β-cells.


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