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Oxystorm® is an extract of Amaranthus one of the highest dietary sources of nitrates discovered. Oxystorm® helps in boosting Nitric oxide, the essential molecule that aids various integral functions in human body. Especially during hypoxia conditions ( oxygen deficiency), with the supply of nitric oxide, Oxystorm®, the patent pending product helps in reducing fatigue and maintain an optimum level of functioning.

At Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd., our unique extraction process has resulted in the world’s first nitrate enriched extract from Amaranthus. Oxystorm®(Patent pending) provides four times the amount of nitrate as compared to conventional sources like beet root. This 100% water soluble extract has neutral pH of 7, is oxalate free and available in a convenient powder form.


Oxystorm: 500-2000mg/day.


Key Benefits

Enhances Nitric Oxide levels in the body

Nitric oxide functions as a vasodilator and causes relaxation of smooth muscles.

Cardio -Protective

Much better than beet root extract


Oxystorm® can either be dissolved in water or used as a key ingredient in energy drink, energy bar, candy chewing gum, capsule, tablet and more


Comparison between Amaranthus & Beet Root Extract


Amaranthus Extract (Oxystorm®)

Beet Root Extract


Soluble in water 

Soluble in water 


7 (Neutral)

5.5 (Acidic)


7-9% (HPLC)

<2 (HPLC)

Potassium Content 




Not detected (HPLC)

10%-15% (HPLC)


Clinical Studies

Oxystorm® : Nitrate surge for an INSTANT Nitric Oxide Boost!

Universal energy currency of the living world is mainly synthesized by the mitochondria of the cell , the power house, that occupies 20% of the cell volume which utilizes oxygen . The energy produced is exported to all parts of the body to provide energy for the cellular work. Economy of energy conversion is very crucial during vigorous exercises or else it may lead to oxygen debt. In a recent study (Subramanian et al.,2016)it was observed that Oxystorm can deliver high nitrate and enhance nitric oxide levels in the body (Graph 1). Our clinical studies have shown that Oxystorm® enhances the nitric oxide by converting nitrate to nitrite. Nitric oxide generated from Oxystorm® enhances VO2 and maximize the energy produced and thus reduces extreme fatigue and physical weakness during strenuous exercise or physical activity.

Nitric oxide has been identified as an important endothelium derived relaxing factor, which is released from the endothelium and results in vascular smooth muscle relaxation (Palmer et al., 1987). The authors have also reported that the increased level of nitric oxide is due to the high level of nitrite in saliva (Graph 2)

Graph1- Plasma nitrate (NO3ˉ) level after administration of amaranth extract and placebo (highly significant difference (p < 0.001) between amaranth and placebo group at all the time points except 0 h and 24 h)

Graph2- Saliva nitrite (NO2ˉ) level after administration of amaranth extract and placebo (highly significant difference (p< 0.001) between amaranth and placebo group at all the time points except 0 h and 24 h)

Subramanian D, Gupta S, Pharmacokinetic study of amaranth extract in healthy human subjects-A randomized trial, Nutrition (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2015.12.041.

A randomised double blind placebo controlled, crossover study conducted in

The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine , USA with a single oral dose of 1000 mg ; published in Eur J Appl Physiol, DOI 10.1007/s00421-016-3478-8.


Oxystorm: 500-2000mg/day

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