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Published on 01 Feb 2023

Boost Your Immune Health With Natural Herbs

Why is it Important to Boost your Immunity?

In India, nutritional deficiencies are a significant concern in the youth as well as adults. They deal with mild to intense nutritional imbalances due to an inadequate diet. Thus, many individuals have weak immune systems and tend to fall ill more often. The right set of immunity-boosting herbs can give you powerful and effective results. Hence, it is important to have these herbs for boosting immune health along with other health benefits

Top 5 Natural Herbs that can really benefit your health by boosting Immunity

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha extract from roots, leaves, bark, fruit, and seeds is consumed for its medicinal effect, but the root is most commonly utilized. Traditionally, this herb has been prescribed to strengthen immunity post an illness. It has a strong anti-inflammatory action that may aid in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and certain skin diseases. Additionally, it has proven its efficacy in nervous system disorders. It also rejuvenates the body by relieving fatigue.

2. Tulsi

Due to its anti-infective properties, Tulsi is used for medicinal purposes. Commonly, it is also used in respiratory tract infections like cough, cold, sore throat, asthma, etc. the herb may help remove excess kapha from the lungs. This natural stimulant energizes the body, may improve circulation, and has been proven to be useful in skin diseases and ulcers. Consuming fresh tulsi juice may help to boost health.

3. Amla

Amla is known to be one of the richest sources of vitamin C and is perfect for overall immunity, as it can refresh and restore the body’s systems. Amla seems to come with a cooling effect and may help release excess body heat, therefore often recommended in pitta conditions. Additionally, Amla is considered to stimulate the regeneration of red blood cells and may help improve hemoglobin content in the body.

4. Ginger 

Ginger is known to be very versatile. You can consume it in fresh, powdered, or oil form or in dry candied/ juice form.  Dry ginger powder combined with sesame oil is used to ease joint or muscle pains. Anti-microbial compounds in ginger may help fight infections, and boost immunity levels. This herb is also recommended for many respiratory illnesses like colds, coughs, pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis.  

5. Mulethi

Liquorice or Mulethi is an excellent home remedy for many ailments like cough and cold. Glycyrrhizin – a saponin discovered in Mulethi is known for its anti-microbial activity. The root is powdered and consumed with honey and ghee to enhance immunity. It is considered to be a natural revitalizer and anti-aging agent.


At Arjuna Natural, we’ve been harnessing the strength of active nature via science to create the world’s leading standardized extracts manufacturer for over three decades. Every single extract is derived utilizing thorough processes that preserve the potency of the herbs to yield high-quality products. Here, we create, develop, manufacture, and market a comprehensive variety of high-quality flavors and fine ingredients.

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