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Shoden® is a clinically-tested, purified extract derived from the Ashwagandha plant. Using a proprietary process, the full spectrum of Withanolide Glycosides’ (the bio-active component in Ashwagandha) in Shoden® is enriched and optimised to an industry leading level of 35%. This is by far the highest composition compared to any other Ashwagandha root extracts in the market.
Thus, Shoden® offers guaranteed activity even at low doses. It is also the world’s most potent Ashwagandha extract and is supported by extensive clinical studies.





60 mg

Lowest Dose Ashwagandha

The Full Product Journey

We formulate Shoden® end to end with our in-house research & manufacturing capabilities.

Shoden® is the most unique Ashwagandha ingredient standardised to 35% Withanolide glycosides (measured by HPLC). It is the most potent Ashwagandha, clinically-tested, purified extract of carefully selected Ashwagandha plant that guarantees activity even at low doses. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a powerful adaptogen with a rich history in healing and is available in water soluble and beadlet forms.

Shoden® is safe, non-irradiated, 100% pure and natural and complies with all safety standards.

100% Pure & Natural


Non-toxic additives

No harmful solvents

GMP compliant

The Health Benefits

Discover the many health advantages of Shoden®

The various formulations of Shoden®


For easy encapsulation


The recommended dose of Shoden® for a healthy adult is 60 - 120 mg taken daily.

The Remarkable Nature of Shoden®

A Pure Ashwagandha extract trusted by experts across the globe

Strict Regulations for Guaranteed Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoden® is used widely both on its own and in combination with other ingredients for synergistic effect

Arjuna Natural Pvt LTD manufactures pure Ashwagandha extract (Shoden®) in its factories located in India. Arjuna Natural holds the patent and manufactures the product. Furthermore, we are concerned about the quality of the product even before it arrives at our facility. It is for this reason that we cultivate relationships with farmers, farming communities, and agricultural research institutions to assure end-to-end quality control. Get in touch for ashwagandha extract prices & more.

Every batch of Shoden® pure ashwagandha extract is tested for heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury at our in-house facility. Instead of the less accurate standard Atomic Absorption, we employ the latest and most accurate lab equipment called ‘ICP-MS,’ which can identify even minute quantities of chemicals.

Every batch of Shoden® is produced with a lead limit of not more than 0.5 ppm. Most of the available Ashwagandha extracts have a lead limit of 2 ppm or greater.

Yes, Shoden®-K is non-GMO.

Yes, Shoden® is allergen free.

Shoden® has multiple ongoing or completed studies conducted or being conducted worldwide

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