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Created using natural bioactives from turmeric, Boswellia and more, Rhuleave-K® is our proprietary formula designed to deliver instant pain relief and reduce inflammation*. It does so by using our patented SPEED™ technology which creates a powerful combination that retains the efficacy of its components. This technology uniformly distributes its components by using a unique matrix formula to achieve accurate filled weight and faster action.
Rhuleave®-K alleviates pain through a holistic approach and is free from side effects like stomach, heart, liver, and kidney issues. It is proven to be safe even at high dosages and has synergistic antioxidant activity.
Its formula is scientifically documented with clinical data proving its efficacy in providing immediate pain relief comparable to Acetaminophen (Paracetamol).

(*Occasional muscle pain or inflammation due to exercise or overuse)


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Rhuleave®-K | Quick Natural Pain Reliever

Rhuleave®-K is Arjuna’s clinically proven pain support formula which has been proven to provide pain relief. Rhuleave®-K stands out for its effectiveness, derived from the proprietary technology that creates a synergistic combination of components thru SPEEDtechnology that uniformly distributes the components to achieve accurately filled weight and faster action. The components have been used as food or medicine for hundreds of years and Rhuleave®-K has been studied for safety.

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Non-toxic additives

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Proprietary technology

Faster action

Higher product uniformity

The Health Benefits

Discover the many health advantages of Rhuleave®-K

The various formulations of Rhuleave®-K

Oil Miscible

For soft gel manufacturing


A single dose of 1000 mg of Rhuleave®-K is recommended in case of acute pain.

The Remarkable Nature Of Rhuleave®-K

A formulation trusted by experts across the globe

Strict Regulations For Guaranteed Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Rhuleave®-K is manufactured in Arjuna Natural Pvt Limited’s own factories located in India. Arjuna Natural Pvt Ltd is both the patent holder and the manufacturer. What’s more, we care about the product even before it reaches our factory. It’s why we forge relationships with farmers, farming communities and agricultural research organizations to ensure that there is end-to-end quality control.

Every batch of Rhuleave®-K produced is tested at our in-house lab for heavy metals including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. We use the latest and most accurate lab equipment called ‘ICP-MS’ which can detect even minute quantities of substances instead of the less accurate conventional Atomic Absorption.

Every batch of Rhuleave®-K is produced with Lead content within regulatory limits.

Yes, Rhuleave®-K is non-GMO.

Rhuleave®-K has multiple ongoing or completed studies conducted or being conducted worldwide

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