“Envisioning a world where Mother Nature works in concert with sustainable development for improvement of human well-being”

It All Started With A Vision

Our journey began over three decades ago with Mr. P.J. Kunjachan and Dr. Benny Antony, who firmly believed in the power of nature and recognized the role of herbs in providing a healthy life.

Our Vision

To become the most renowned organisation by bettering lives across the globe through innovative natural solutions


“A winning combination of intellectual and industrial strength”

The Dynamic Duo

Mr. P.J. Kunjachan then partnered with his brother-in-law, Dr. Benny Antony, a brilliant chemist working in the extraction industry. His business acumen combined with Dr. Benny Antony’s specialist knowledge created a powerful formula that transformed the herbal extract industry.


“Advancing in the world of natural extracts since inception”

Pioneering Innovation

Arjuna Natural opened its doors as the first Indian company to manufacture the essential oil of mustard. Recognising the potential of innovation, we pioneered new products, enhanced existing ones and even created unique operational systems.

Our Evolution

The epic journey of Arjuna and its phenomenal rise to fame bear witness to the hard work and dedication of our talented team.


“Advancing to global frontiers”

International Momentum & Expansion

“After gaining worldwide acceptance with our essential oil of mustard, we focused on the nutraceutical sector, a segment which was still in its infancy. We launched a series of innovative herbal extracts that propelled our success in a dynamic, global business environment. “

1992 : Arjuna Natural Ltd merged with Arjuna Aromatics, becoming the Arjuna Natural Ltd.

1994 : Major turning point in the trajectory of the company with the introduction of health food ingredients

1995 : First Indian Company to develop speciality produce ‘Smoke Flavor’

1996 : First Indian Company to extract commercially marketable ‘Horse Radish Oil’

1999 : Adorned with the Certificate of honor for Export Achievement from Spices Board of India.

Elevated to be the Entrepreneur of the year by Berchman’s Institution of Management Studies, Kottayam

Transforming Industries

We help the world’s leading organisations to formulate world-class products


“Accelerating advancement through superior Innovation”

Spearheading Research & Technology

Firmly believing that technological innovation is the only way to success, we’ve patented numerous innovative products and invested heavily in research. Arjuna was the first private company in Kerala to receive approval for an in-house research by the Government of India. Our advanced Innovation unit is a complete research facility for phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, formulation, development and pre-clinical studies

2001 : First Private Company in Kerala to receive approval for In-house Research by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India”

2002 : First Indian Company to extract Omega 3 concentrate from Marine Source Manufacturing facility at Coimbatore was set to support the growing demands of its global clientele.

2003 : First Company in the world to produce BCM-95® 100% turmeric extract with superior bioactivity

Our Commitment To Innovation

We invest about 10% of our profit towards conducting Innovative studies for new products in various universities in India and abroad.


“Advancing to global frontiers”

2011 : Dedicated Innovation facility was inaugurated & initiated its functioning at Cochin, India

2014 : First company in the world to produce turmeric extract, powered completely by solar energy

2015 : First Company in the world to produce Nitrate extract from Amaranthus species

2017 : Arjuna Natural LLC, was set up in Texas, USA

2020 : Rhuleave®-K was launched as the revolutionary solution for relief from muscle soreness.

History Of Firsts

We’ve been at the forefront of innovation since our inception


We’ve been fortunate to have our efforts recognised globally as well as within the country. Our achievements include prestigious awards from the international and Indian scientific community and government bodies.

Mr. PJ Kunjachan, Managing Director receives National Award for successful commercialisation of a Technology based product

Media And Meets

“In the interest of following safety regulations implemented due to Covid-19, currently there are no events on the horizon in the immediate future. However, we can say with utmost certainty that we’ll have a host of exciting events for you soon. So stay tuned for updates!”

Won the prestigious National Intellectual Property Award from CII

PJ Kunjachan, a Model Entrepreneur with a Modest Beginning

A case study on Entrepreneur Development and Small Business Enterprises for an MBA course offered by IGNOU

The Future Is What Drives Us

At Arjuna, we’re driven by the endless possibilities that come with harnessing the power of nature. So while we take great pride in what we’ve achieved since our inception, innovation and the future are what inspires us to keep going.

Always Looking Forward Towards More Innovation

Join our community to innovate more with science & research

Increase your business growth potential with our patented extracts

Let’s collaborate to refine your ideas or built from scratch

Arjuna Natural

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