Food Industry

Enhancing Food Products Through Botanical Extracts

Increase the vibrancy & shelf life of food naturally with our wide array of reliable, natural extracts.

Natural Colours

Discover reliable formulations to add colour to your creations

We help you enhance the appeal of your food products with our vibrant food colours customized to your unique specifications. Crafted with strict processes to ensure consistent formulas, they also boast end-to-end product traceability.

Natural Preservatives

Prolong the freshness of your food products safely with powerful formulas you can count on

We tailor our innovative formulas to your needs so you can create food products that boast a longer shelf life. Our uncompromising quality checks ensure consistent formulas with end-to-end product traceability every time.

Backed By Data

When it comes to our achievements, we let the numbers do the talking

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Accelerate the growth of your organsisation with our unique extracts

Discover how we can collaborate to elevate your products or pioneer new innovations.

Arjuna Natural

Arjuna Natural is the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of standardised botanical extracts. Since opening our doors in 1989, we’ve grown exponentially, serving customers in over 60 countries…Read More

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