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As health concerns around the use of artificial food colours continue to grow, we at Arjuna Natural have come up with the ideal solution for this problem. Our range of natural food colours add to the appeal of your food products and help stimulate your consumer’s appetites, all without the use of any harmful synthetic ingredients!

Our colours are formulated using 100% natural ingredients and are available in a wide array of vivid shades. We also create custom formulas that are tailor-made to your unique specifications so you can innovate without any limitations.

Our safe and natural food colours are crafted in a liquid or free flowing powder form. What’s more, they don’t diminish the quality or taste of the food but instead enrich it with the benefits of nature.


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Trusted Formulas That Inspire

Our range of natural food colours are crafted to enhance your creations

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Make Your Milk Products Appear Even More Rich & Creamy

Weave magic with our natural pigments that add colour to your dairy offerings without diminishing their quality or flavour.


Tantalise The Tastebuds With Refreshing Drinks In Vivid Colours

Give your delicious concoctions an extra edge with our bright colours that liven their appearance without any synthetic ingredients.


Make Baked Delights Even More Enticing

Brighten your confections with our natural food colours that add to their appeal without undermining the quality or taste.

Savoury Food Items

Create Delectable Delights In An Array Of Vibrant Shades

Add to the appeal of your savoury treats with our rich and natural colours that are safe, pure and free of any harmful chemicals.

Always Looking Forward Towards More Innovation

Join our community to innovate more with science & research

Accelerate the growth of your organsisation with our unique extracts

Discover how we can collaborate to elevate your products or pioneer new innovations.

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