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Rosemary has been used as food and medicine for centuries mainly because of its anti-oxidative and antibacterial properties. Arjuna Natural has redefined Rosemary Oleoresin that stands out with consistent quality and efficacy to match your needs.

Rosemary extract increases oxidative stability when added with vegetable oils. Heat stability at even 200 °C makes it the most heat resistant antioxidant and an effective antioxidant for demanding high heat applications. Rosemary is popular all over the world mainly due to its culinary, medicinal, and commercial uses including in the fragrance and food industries. Its extracts are extensively used in meat & poultry, potato-based products, natural colour protection, frying oils and salad dressings.

Arjuna Natural has been pioneering in extracting rosemary for its naturally powerful antioxidant components. A reliable sourcing solution to ensure standard product quality and to keep pace with the growing demands for new range of formulations. .


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Combating Oxidative Rancidity


Mechanism Of Actions :
Combating Oxidative Rancidity


Mechanism Of Actions :
Combating Oxidative Rancidity

Snacks & baked Goods

Mechanism Of Actions :
Combating Oxidative Rancidity


Mechanism Of Actions : Combating Oxidative Rancidity

Potato Products

Mechanism Of Actions :
Combating Oxidative Rancidity

Pet Foods

Mechanism Of Actions :
Combating Oxidative Rancidity


Mechanism Of Actions :
Combating Oxidative and Microbial Rancidity

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