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Published on 11 Aug 2023
4 minutes

An Inspiring Training

To Elevate Excellence

On the 9th and 10th of August 2023, Arjuna Natural orchestrated an enriching external training session, aimed at elevating the prowess of its Sales and Marketing team. The event was a captivating experience, serving not only as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation but also infusing an element of excitement into the learning process.

The training took place amidst the enchanting allure of Club Mahindra Cherai Beach, where the tranquil beauty of the shoreline blended seamlessly with a serene and invigorating atmosphere.

At the helm of this engaging affair was Jayadev Menon, an expert from AKSH People Transformation. With a wealth of knowledge and insight, Jayadev Menon led an immersive full-day session that delved deep into the realm of cutting-edge marketing and sales skills. This training was not just a mere addition to the team’s skillset, but a much-needed infusion of expertise to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of commerce.

The session was more than just a typical training; it was a collaborative journey of discovery, packed with insights, interactive exercises, and practical takeaways. Arjuna Natural’s commitment to fostering growth within its team was evident, as this event wasn’t just about learning—it was a testament to the company’s dedication to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

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